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Author Blog Coming Soon

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Author Blog Coming Soon

Yay, another blog to populate! I love blogging. It’s a place of expression, of gathering your thoughts, of practicing your writing skills.

I’ve been blogging at www.LadyNicci.com since 2013. I reckon the blog was the spark I needed to get back to writing properly and it’s brought me many moments of joy, opportunity and true friendships.

For the moment I intend to keep up the two – mainly because LadyNicci covers a lot of lifestyle writing, that would unlikely suit this author site. We’ll see how it goes. Here, I would like to write about all book related and publishing thoughts.

You can view some of my publishing related previous posts on LadyNicci at the following links:

Signing my book deal

Signing with my agent

Receiving constructive feedback

How to write a first draft of a novel

Editing the first draft

I look forward to writing and to interacting with any readers that would like to get in contact.

See you on the other side!



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